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Grottaferrata: quel pasticciaccio brutto del locale concesso (GRATIS) al CAF.

Grottaferrata: quel pasticciaccio brutto del locale concesso (GRATIS) al CAF.


Grottaferrata: that ugly mess of the place granted (FREE) to the CAF.

On Friday 18 August, Councilor Giovanni Guerisoli replied regarding our press release from a few days earlier (Grottaferrata: was this mess in Mayor Di Bernardo’s program?), relating to the procedures and methods of granting a municipal premises to a CAF.
Apologizing in advance for the length of this statement, for completeness we insert the text of Guerisoli’s response in its entirety:

“I read the statement from the civic movements and Forza Italia regarding the space intended for the CAAF. There are some notable inaccuracies. Meanwhile, the resolution specifies that the premises are not exclusive and therefore other CAAFs can make a similar request. Secondly, the services indicated in the agreement are free.
This CAAF has signed a similar agreement with the municipality of Colonna where it has been operating for years to the satisfaction of the administration”.

The Councilor’s reply leaves us even more amazed. We regret to point out that there are no inaccuracies in what we have written and argued. Moreover, without “getting too carried away” on a couple of issues that have literally amazed us and which, at this point, we believe we should highlight as will be written later.

But let’s go in order. First of all, we would like to know why the reply does not come from the Councilor in charge rather than from Councilor Guerisoli who has no powers over the management of municipal assets, having to deal (very badly from what we have seen so far. ..) with Public Works.
This confirms the great confusion in the roles and management of the events by the current municipal administration, in addition to the fact that a position taken by the Mayor would have been very appropriate, given the gravity of the facts exposed by us, given that the First Citizen should have direct political responsibility for the documents issued by the Municipality.
At the same time, we would like to know what Councilor Rossotti, on whom the administrative management of the matter depends, thinks: has he already resigned too? Or does he prefer to remain silent? For what reason?

Let’s get to the “contents” of Guerisoli’s statement. After the amazement, we “congratulate” the Councilor for having introduced 2 innovative administrative practices: the first is the multi-concession of a room of approximately 20 square meters (without toilets); we are curious to know how it is divided (We proposed one: in the morning the CAF, in the afternoon the kennel of an animal rights association and in the evening a dance school, could this be okay?).
The second “idea” is exceptional to say the least, even useful for resolving the management of Public Works (it is no coincidence that he is the Councillor) at a national level: the issuing of a public tender a posteriori is simply brilliant, as thought about it first!The other CAFs (Tax Assistance Center) and Patronati are asking to also be granted the concession of the premises because another CAF has had them for no one knows what reason: truly phenomenal (it will certainly be the “intuition” of a person like ‘ Councilor Guerisoli, whose political and administrative experience is known)!
Given the climate and the innovative spirit that emanates from Palazzo Consoli (perhaps to attempt, clumsily, to distract the people of Grottaferrata from the whirlwind unleashed by the resignation of the former Councilor for Urban Planning?), we propose, as Committees and Movements, to have in concession the Office of Councilor Guerisoli, for 2 mornings and 2 afternoons a week.If anyone else wants, including the Councilor, they can ask for further “shifts”, just participate in the new and innovative a posteriori call for multi-concession! Councilor Guerisoli, when will you grant your office??

Getting serious, we advise Councilor Guerisoli that, before responding, next time at least read the contents of the Resolution, given that there are no express references to the free services and tariffs applied by the CAF towards Citizens (CAF which, listen, it would give ample guarantees given that it also operates in the Municipality of Colonna…), nor is the signed Agreement attached. We will ask for a copy through Civic Access to Records. Maybe we could find some other “pearl”…

With due respect, we must also recall the two final considerations of Councilor Guerisoli:
– in the first it states, as mentioned, that the CAF to which the Municipality of Grottaferrata gave the premises on free loan, would have signed a similar agreement with the Municipality of Colonna; I am sorry to point out to the PD representative in the Council that no legislative or court act establishes that the measures approved by the Municipality of Colonna constitute jurisprudence and are legitimate regardless;from those who govern, we would have preferred serious arguments regarding the administrative regularity of the Resolution, especially regarding the issues of the absence of a public tender and the gratuitousness with which the premises were granted, but the Councilor overlooked this (what else could Do ?); we reiterate again that the place has no toilets and that, if it were any private place,
– in the second, Councilor Guerisoli states that the CAF in question “has been operating for years to the satisfaction of the Administration (of Colonna)”: we point out that said CAF has no headquarters within the territory of the Municipality of Colonna…

Councilor, are you okay? Are you sure about it? Maybe Mayor Di Bernardo has something to say on the matter?

At this point we are astonished and believe we have a legitimate doubt, given the obvious confusion, that in this enormous mess the premises were granted to a CAF other than the one envisaged (or is it really a kennel or a dance school… .). Considering the climate, this wouldn’t be surprising…

To those who read, we confirm how surreal the story is, although unfortunately it is not. And it is also necessary to point out another couple of issues of no less importance:
1. in Resolution no. 181 of 10 August 2023, with a long narrative panegyric, we attempt to argue how a concession without a call for tenders and free of charge is possible, citing several times regulations and sentences that concern associations, non-profit organizations of social utility, subjects operating in the third sector, social promotion associations…;it is useful to point out to Councilor Guerisoli and to the entire Council – as well as to the General Secretary and the Managers who signed the deed – that the premises were granted free of charge to a joint-stock company, which with (right) pride defines it as “the first private CAF in Italy”, with an annual turnover of over 25 million euros and an operating profit of approximately 1.4 million euros; the Resolution, therefore, is unjustifiable from every point of view, a possible case study on how the assets of a public body should not be managed; and it is astonishing that a Councilor and his colleagues on the Council did not even leaf through the act that they unanimously approved: certainly, if they had done so, this disgrace would have been avoided;
2. again in the first press release, we left out an observation from one of our supporters: in the cadastral plan attached to Resolution no. 181/2023, there are significant building differences in the institutional part of the municipal headquarters (certainly in the Council Room and in the part reserved for the Protocol Office); it would be the last straw for the Municipality of Grottaferrata to present building discrepancies within it, for this reason we kindly ask you to relieve us of the serious doubt and, in any case, to rectify the cadastral plans making them conform to the state of fact and legitimacy. If, however, the discrepancies were real, we believe that, in addition to the usual procedures, a static certification regarding any changes made might be necessary.

For this reason, we reiterate what we have already written on 14 August: The Community at the Base, the Libertas Political Movement, the Fare Bene a Grottaferrata Committee and Forza Italia, with their Representatives Giampiero Fontana, Fabrizio Marconi, Paolo Oronzo Magli and Paolo Loria, suggest to the Mayor, the Council and all the municipal councilors, to make a serious and important reflection on this matter, emblematic of the climate that reigns inside Palazzo Consoli, so that self-protection actions that cancel out this ugly situation are put in place immediately. mess, truly unjustifiable from every point of view.

We would have liked to read some reassurance in Councilor Guerisoli’s statement regarding the municipal apartments in Via Rossano Calabro, but nothing. Evidently he too is more busy supporting a joint-stock company that invoices tens of millions of euros a year, rather than helping Grottaferrato families in difficulty: it will evidently be the new course of the PD, that’s how they are made, but let’s remind the Councilor and to his colleagues in the Council, including the Mayor, that their role is pro tempore, thanks to the trust given by the Citizens. Therefore they cannot manage the assets of the Municipality of Grottaferrata as if it were their property, without tenders and with FREE concessions: they must, instead, commit to achieving the best social and economic result.Without any hesitation.

We will continue to follow these events, always in the interests of the Citizens, and we will pay even greater attention to the actions of this bungling Administration which is not attentive to the public good.

A final reflection: Councilor Guerisoli, who with the reply evidently assumed the political “paternity” of the act, is the one who undoubtedly, and as mentioned, has the greatest experience in the entire municipal administration… We prefer not to add more, we leave the relevant considerations to the reader.

21 August 2023

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